Cristina Civallero Garcia Wedding Photography
Hi I'm Cristy and before beginning must confess that I'm a crazy passionate photography


Some years ago photography was just a hobby that i enjoyed a lot, but i found a much deeper to do what I liked meaning. I discovered that a picture speaks of who we are and what we mean, and I knew I wanted to do this for the rest of my life when I realized that I could take a picture with her awakening convey a feeling or an emotion.
LOVE is certainly one of the biggest motors that move me every day , I 'm in love , romantic , thoughtful eternal , I like reading , I love coffee, I love to travel and my favorite part of the day to share with my boyfriend and my family.

Lucky and blessed I am infinitely grateful

A complements - FIST PLACE in photoxperience Guanajuato,sponsored by National Geographic -
- WORSHOP zero regrets Melbourne, Australia -
- FIST PLACE in photography contest ceilings Guadalajara Jalisco, with collective documentary photo exhibition -
- FIRST PLACE category black and white contest, UNIVA College,V alle atemajac -
- Collaboration and participation in Agenda 2008 school shooting in the West -

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